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Healing Breath Intensive ~ Guided Meditation
PRE-ORDER Special!!! $12
Available March 1, 2021
* Diaphragmatic Breathing
* Directional Breathing in your Body
* Soul Foot Grounding
How To Achieve Balance in Your Life is yours Free for Pre-Ordering!!!
Meditation will be emailed to you on the Launch Date of March 1, 2021

Here are some disclaimers that are important to know. 
I am not a doctor or lawyer and by participating in meditations, courses & wellness sessions, you agree to the entertainment value inherent as well as agree to take ownership of your own health and well-being. If anything seems off or uncomfortable, take a break. Everything presented is of my own opinion and is being presented as my experience with only an invitation to conversation about new ideas and I invite you to do your own research and speak with whatever trusted person or professional seems appropriate. My role as coach and presenter is to offer suggestions, encouragement on your personal wellness journey and to act as an accountability partner. Although I am a Roman Catholic, I am respectful of all religions and hope you join me in prayer for openness and unity of all faiths.

Purchase of my products represents agreement to the above statement and releases Kris Magyar from any, and all liability that may arise.

Healing Prayer

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Come Holy Spirit, teach us to pray. Thank you so much for this time together and for all the people participating in my classes.  Inspire my words & guide my actions for the highest good of those in need. Intercede for us Oh Blessed Mother to Jesus the Healer. Dear Jesus, I love you! I believe in you! & I hope all things in you! Thank you for being with us and blessing our space and time together with whatever healing is appropriate. Amen.