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Why Facial Massage?

Do you experience frequent sinus issues?

Do you have sinus pain or headaches?

Are looking for a new way to relax,

rejuvinate your skin, or find stress relief?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions,

then Facial Massage just might be for you!

Meet Kris!

Kris Magyar, CMT, is a dedicated wellness enthusiast and a certified massage therapist with over 15 years of experience. Hailing from Colorado, Kris has made it their life's mission to not only alleviate knots and tension but also to educate others on the synergy between relaxation, self-care, and creativity.

In her extensive journey through the realms of massage therapy, Kris discovered that the true essence of healing lies in the connection between the body and the inner self, facilitated by touch and breathwork. Whether it's the healing touch of massage or the therapeutic process of artistic expression, Kris firmly believes that healing is within everyone's grasp.

Kris was surprised to find out how many people think they don't like facial massage until they receive it. Once they learned to do it for themselves, they LOVED it! šŸ’—

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You know you are ready to let your face experience the magic of Sinus Relief through the art of facial massage!

May your sinuses be forever clear, and your face radiate with joy!

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I love having the guidebook, and the photos along with the descriptions are very helpful! This program helped me locate and release tension points, and opened up my sinuses and lymph nodes, which helped me breathe better and feel more calm and relaxed! Iā€™m going to continue using these techniques throughout the day! --Charlotte, AZ