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Tapping God Into Weight Loss Bundle

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The Tapping God Into Weight Loss Bundle Includes the 2nd Edition Book and Companion Journal.

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Many people struggle with weight loss and often feel disconnected from themselves or their spiritual beliefs during the process. This book can help you connect your weight loss journey with your spiritual path. It can offer guidance, inspiration, and reflections that motivate you to stay committed to your goals while finding solace and meaning in your spiritual connection.

I've written this book with these benefits in mind:

  • Stress Reduction and Emotional Well-being
  • Introduction to EFT Tapping - a practical tool to manage emotions & reduce stress
  • How to incorporate EFT techniques to address emotional triggers that may contribute to their weight struggles.
  • A Holistic Approach to Health - This book is not a diet book, but a collection of reflections to help find God in the weight loss process. It encourages you to consider the mind-body-spirit connection in your weight loss journey, which can lead to lasting and transformative changes in their lives

I have also included a Companion Journal to provide enhanced self-reflection, a place for accountability and goal tracking, with lots of space to record your personalized insights and long-term transformation success.

6x9 Paperback 135 Pages; Companion Journal 6x9 Paperback 130 Pages