About Me and My Shop!

Hi I’m Kris Magyar and Welcome to my shop!
Having an online store has always been a dream of mine and I have finally been able to wrap my senior mind around how to do it on a budget!
I loved painting and drawing classes in highschool and college and have always dabbled in making beautiful art.
Pen & ink are my favorite tools, but recently I rediscovered my love for watercolors.
For those of you who have been following me on Amazon, you know writing is a great art form and my other passion!
I have been praying and striving for a way to share my passions with the world in an easy and affordable way that I would be able to do along side my chronic medical conditions and my full-time job that I dearly love with so much appreciation!
Digital Downloads fits that need very well.
I can make my art, upload it to be available 24/7 and still have time to work my job and tend to my health needs.
I am so grateful to have these options available to me.

So hop into my shop!
Your support helps keep my shop running and supports my medical/financial needs.
I hope you find something you like and feel free to contact me below with any thoughts or questions you may have about any of the products.
You can also join my Facebook group “Striving with Kris” where we can be more interactive. Thanks again for stopping by! ~Kris

Mailing Address: Kris Magyar, PO BOX 280001 Lakewood, CO 80228