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Whimsical Art Digitized for fun, happy spaces.
E-books and Printables for inquisitive, creative minds.

Thanks for visiting my boutique!
Creativity runs deep in my family…no silver spoons in this family,
only silver thimbles & art supplies! Ha! Ha!
It is a great blessing and honor to have my books and art
so well received on an international level.
Please follow me and check back often for new works. Enjoy!!

Customer reviews

“The gift of our humanity is the opportunity of being in relationship with others. Gazing at the window of one’s heart, mind, and soul is truly a precious moment. Kris Magyar offers us such a glimpse into her journey and struggle with the issue of weight loss.  Her book, “Tapping God into Weight Loss”, chronicles her desire to live freely and joyfully as a precious child of God.”     

Fr. John Lager, OFM Capuchin, USA

“I just love the quality of these images. Kris is talented and has a lot of variety. Something for eveyone and every occasion. Thanks!!”

Alice, USA